Credit for dental bill financing poor creditworthiness


Would you like to find out about a loan for the dentist bill? Do you still fluctuate between overdraft facility, installment loan from a direct bank or medical loan?

We will neutralize the most important loans for your dentist bill. Let the numbers decide to save. But don’t save on the quality of the medical service.

Credit for the dental bill – problem

Credit for the dental bill - problem

A credit for the dental bill is not a loan search for luxury purchases, but a sensible investment in your own health. Many modern international techniques from the past were only able to move into German consulting rooms because the cash register no longer pays much. A nice example of this are veneers instead of a crown treatment, which provide a higher-quality problem solution for many dental problems.

The bottom line price is on the level of a high-quality crown. Only the veneer does not destroy the healthy part of the tooth, but preserves healthy substance. Without the much-criticized reform of dental health insurance benefits, things would be different today. Many people would not even have received an offer from the dentist to protect their teeth at a modern level. The case would have been clear – “what the till pays, I do”.

Nevertheless, the loss of many statutory health services naturally leads to problems. As a patient, insured with a statutory health insurance company to continue to receive optimal dental care is only possible by additional payment. In order for the general public to be able to afford the best medicine, in most cases the credit for the dental bill is inevitable. Saving 1,000 to 3,000 USD in one fell swoop overwhelms the household budget.

Credit options – finance dental bill

Credit options - finance dental bill

Basically, there are three loan models for financing the dentist’s bill. The overdraft facility takes on smaller amounts, significantly less than USD 1,000 credit volume. If the loan volume is very small, the repayment will be made within a month, two or three months – through economy. The cash loan model is designed precisely for short-term credit requirements via the current account.

Credit for the dentist bill above 1,000 USD hardly allows the average household budget to repay within a short time. Financed through the overdraft facility, the dentist loan would simply be too expensive. An installment loan offers the low-interest alternative. Possible providers for the required credit would be branch banks or direct banks, but also loans from special medical finance providers.

The systemic change away from the community of solidarity to self-payment has not only changed the range of services offered by dentists. At the same time, specialized credit providers for medical loans recognized their market opportunity. Loans for the dentist bill are usually offered directly in the waiting room, at registration or in conversation with the dentist.

Special credit for the dental bill – briefly introduced

Special credit for the dental bill - briefly introduced

The special loan for dental services and laboratory costs is in principle a normal installment loan. It can be granted if the patient can demonstrate sufficient creditworthiness, which is good on average. This means that the special loan for medical purposes does not initially differ from other installment loans. In addition, the granting of credit requires that the dentist and the laboratory are connected to the known providers.

Since not every dental laboratory in the world is connected, the decision to have dentures made is restricted to certain laboratories. Patients find it advantageous to pay the dentist’s bill directly to the dentist and the laboratory. This saves the time required for two online transfers. The special loan from large providers is still applied for in the traditional way by Post-ID. The way to the post office cannot currently be avoided.

Credit comparison – medical credit versus direct bank

Credit comparison - medical credit versus direct bank

Making two online transfers quickly or submitting a loan application by post ID when shopping are not decisive advantages or disadvantages. The financing costs and a timely payment of the loan are important for the credit for the dental bill. For this purpose, we ask in our comparison a free credit comparison calculator and the rate calculator of a large specialist provider.

If applications were made for USD 2,000 via the special offer for the dentist loan, term 36 months, the installment calculator shows USD 64 monthly installments. This is a rate that even a small household budget can harmonize well with. An effective annual interest rate of 8.90 percent would be calculated. From this, the installment calculator of the large German provider of loans for dental bills calculates a total of 304 USD in financing costs.

If 2,000 USD were taken out for a direct bank’s dentist’s bill, again at the effective interest independent of creditworthiness, Santander leads the loan comparison. With 36 monthly installments, USD 57.09 would have to be repaid monthly. The bank gives the annual percentage rate at 1.79 percent. Overall, the loan costs 55.22 USD in financing costs. That is a good 250 USD less than the special loan.

Financing the dental bill – poor creditworthiness

Financing the dental bill - poor creditworthiness

If the creditworthiness is poor, the overdraft facility is small or has even been canceled entirely. Against this background, even a smaller dentist’s bill is difficult to spread over two separate payment days.

A possible solution would be mini credit despite poor or even poor creditworthiness. First-time applicants should use good credit lenders to apply for $ 100 to $ 500, 30 days, to offset the dentist’s bill.

If the little “financial injection” is not enough, bank offers a good and reputable contact point for credit in difficult cases. A suitable loan for the dentist bill, despite poor creditworthiness through bank, could not only come from banks, but also from private donors.


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