Credits in the act What requirements do I need to access a credit in the act?

The requirements to request a loan on the spot vary depending on the banking or financial institutions where you request it. Complying with them is essential so you can get the money you need.


Requirements to access a cash advance

Requirements to access a cash advance

To lend you money, financial institutions generally require:

  • That you are of legal age.
  • You have verifiable income.
  • Have a good credit history

Keep in mind that the higher the amount you want to request, the higher the requirements you are asked for. This is because the lender has to make sure that you are going to have income to pay off the cash advance.

Therefore, if you apply for a mortgage loan or car loan , as well as a credit for a high amount, you will probably need a guarantee, such as real estate, a salary receipt, or a company that leaves us as guarantor It has been using in recent years.
But if you are looking to apply for a loan on the spot to cover an unexpected expense, or to make a purchase of an appliance, the requirements can become much more flexible and you don’t have to wait days or weeks to know if you can count on the cash .

In general, these rapid advances are made by request via the web, filling out a form with your basic data to know who is requesting the loan and, if everything is in order, within 24 hours the requested money is credited.

The companies will be able to carry out an analysis via web about your credit behavior where they will search if you have debts, rejected checks, or if you appear in time.

These credits in the act are quick and simple to request. In general, they are approved almost immediately and there is no need to justify what the money is being asked for. One withdraws the cash and uses it for whatever it takes to pay a large purchase in the supermarket to have a party or pay for the installation of the air conditioning.

The only thing we suggest is that you be responsible and do not use the money borrowed to pay previous debts because this may turn into a large snowball that will eventually be too late to stop.


Credits on the spot, how do I ask for mine?

Credits on the spot, how do I ask for mine?

In Steven Nards we stand out for making cash advances instantly. So how do I ask for my cash advance? You can access to request a loan via our website, by completing the form where you request name and surname, telephone number and e-mail. An agent will get in touch to inform the result of the financial analysis we carry out.

Cash loans can be a minimum of $ 3,000 up to $ 6,000 to be repaid in 2 installments (the first installment is charged at 25 days and the second at 56 days). These are fast cash advances without collateral or guarantee. From our simulator you can access to see how your loan will be.

In addition, the benefit of being able to apply for the loan online, the granting is made on the day, in a simple way, without greater requirements than that of a savings or checking account in Argentina. No guarantees or guarantees are required, and from your own home, you can manage and receive the money, with total security and confidence . Once the collection date has arrived, we will collect the same account in which we deposit the cash.

We hope this article has helped you decide where to get your credit. Do not hesitate to ask us for any questions or concerns!

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