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Associated Product Owner:

Associate Product Owners are emerging leaders in product development and work with dedicated product teams to ensure our products meet the unmet needs of our customers. They are responsible for collecting and analyzing a variety of data to help the product team determine what needs to be built and in what priority. They help develop and execute the product vision and strategy, which includes finding features, running discovery sessions, writing user stories, and owning the product backlog. They monitor the use of published features. They must be enthusiastic about creating vital functionality and innovating and expanding our market-leading product line. This position requires a commitment to exceptional results, a strong desire for continuous improvement and the ability to build strong relationships with a multidisciplinary team.

Who are you:

  • Collaborative, innovative and humble
  • Starts with the customer’s unmet need (short and long term)
  • Provides perspective supported by a variety of data
  • Always curious about the customer experience and current market and technology trends, able to adapt accordingly
  • Enthusiastic about quality and controls
  • A good communicator with an affinity for change management
  • True to your desire for production stability

During the first six months at Paylocity, you will:

  • Develop a solid knowledge of our customers, our company, our competition and the industry
  • Communicate regularly with customers (with support from the product manager) and internal stakeholders to obtain feedback on their wants and needs
  • Collect and analyze a variety of data (e.g. industry, competitive, customer and stakeholder feedback) and, with guidance, identify key themes and validate assumptions about product characteristics
  • Contribute to the development and / or pressure testing of the product vision and strategy
  • Use data to validate product roadmap priorities
  • Conduct research on roadmap functionality with product designers
  • Help set up customer validation tests of designs and organize discovery sessions
  • Write user stories in a way that is clearly understandable for product teams
  • Present data and decisions to the product manager to help them prepare for the product briefing and in-depth dives
  • Participate in all agile ceremonies
  • Work with the Product Manager to define the vision and strategy for the product’s marketing launch plan and own the plan components assigned to him
  • Regularly monitor usage of published features, research trends, and share usage data and trends with the product manager to identify areas of opportunity and recommend ideas
  • Own product backlogs and provide impact analysis of customer issues to determine priority

Experience required:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • Is either in a current role of Product Analyst at Paylocity or has 1-3 years of experience outside of Paylocity as a Product Owner
  • Data driven, with strong problem definition and analytical skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills; you will need to develop strong relationships with software and quality assurance engineers, operations, sales, marketing and other key internal partners
  • Strong analytical and technological skills
  • Attention to detail with strong communication (verbal and written) and organizational skills

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