CivilTech, a Woolpert Company, Adds Construction Project Manager Julio Salinas to Support TxDOT Projects and Initiatives

The long date Texas The Transportation Engineer brings his TxDOT and private industry experience to this timely role.

Houston, TX, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — CivilTecha Woolpert company, hosted Julio Salinas as a construction project manager. Salinas is a civil engineer with nearly 20 years of construction engineering and inspection experience who has managed multi-million dollar transportation projects across Texaswith particular attention to Houston. He will manage projects that support the Texas Department of Transportation and the state’s critical transportation infrastructure needs.

Salinas is a University of Houston graduate who began his career at TxDOT in 2004. There he worked for more than a decade as a transportation engineer, managing high-volume projects like the reconstruction of the US 290/Interstate Highway interchange 610 and was honored as Young Engineer of the Year by the Houston Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Salinas has also held senior positions in private engineering companies, where he gained additional experience in IEC, hydraulics and infrastructure. He said he learned the business side of the construction management industry and how to drive profitability and ensure customer satisfaction.

“It’s all about authenticity. You have to be extremely honest, while telling people what they need to hear,” Salinas said. “That’s why it’s important to work for companies like CivilTech and Woolpert, where skill sets have been strategically brought together to support our strategic vision and the wide range of our customers’ needs. Woolpert is a successful engineering company for over 100 years as it continually strengthens its while incorporating the latest design and geospatial technologies. Woolpert has partnered with CivilTech to add depth and dimension to its support of Texas and TxDOT. This clear and efficient approach makes my job much easier.”

Director of CivilTech Building Services Michelle Billion said that in addition to his experience managing mainstream and niche transportation projects, Salinas understands how TxDOT works and can apply Texas transportation best practices for working successfully within this system.

“Julio knows the transition points, the procedures and the process,” Milliard said. “He is very knowledgeable as a director of security, and he identifies and solves problems before they even become a problem. We are delighted to have him with us and excited to see the vast benefits he will bring at TxDOT and at Houston region.”

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CivilTech, a Woolpert company, is headquartered in Houston, TX. CivilTech joined Woolpert in 2021 and has decades of experience partnering with local, state and federal agencies to improve infrastructure and mobility to make Texas safer and more resilient communities. CivilTech provides transportation, water resources, infrastructure, and construction management services for the most ambitious projects, advancing engineering science and sustainable infrastructure. CivilTech personnel are at the forefront of new technologies, are dedicated to customers and maintain the highest professional standards. Woolpert is the premier architectural, engineering, geospatial (AEG) and strategy consulting firm with a vision to become one of the best companies in the world. With over a century of experience, more than 1,900 employees, and 60 offices on four continents, Woolpert supports public, private, federal, and U.S. military customers nationwide and globally. For information, visit

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