From graduate to product manager in one year at eShopWorld


Graduate Rachel English quickly rose through the ranks of the ever-growing e-commerce company eShopWorld.

The e-commerce industry is booming as new technologies revolutionize the way people shop and result in much higher productivity. Rachel English, who recently graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology, experienced it firsthand after entering eShopWorld.

English quickly found his mark in the company and with it, a rewarding career path that saw him receive two promotions within a year.

The dynamic working environment at eShopWorld helped her develop her skills and allowed her to showcase her abilities, while receiving the necessary support and training.

What did you study in college?

I studied business and law at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

With this program, are you now working in the industry of your choice?

Yes, the whole concept of cross-border e-commerce has always interested me. It’s an industry that has so much growth and potential and, having written my thesis on it, I couldn’t wait to see what other opportunities it offered.

What attracted you to eShopWorld when you were looking for a job as a graduate?

When searching for graduate programs, eShopWorld has been touted as an exciting new, fast growing company with plenty of opportunities for career advancement. This, combined with my work experience in the retail industry and my education, made this a perfect opportunity for me.

What expectations did you have before starting the program?

I knew it would be a fast paced work environment with many challenges, but that I would receive the training and support I needed. What I did not expect is the speed of progression. Within a year, I went from graduate to product analyst to product owner.

What functions and responsibilities were you given at the start?

As a Graduate Product Analyst, I helped my team analyze our product offering, define business requirements and perform a large amount of competitive analysis.

I spent a lot of time with various departments (finance, logistics, payments) defining our product and doing market gap analysis.

Has the scope of your work changed as the program has progressed?

Being one of the first graduates of eShopWorld, I was able to pave the way I wanted to go. I had the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities and in doing so my role grew as additional responsibilities were given to me.

Can you describe a typical day in your role?

My day starts with catching up with my product manager. We review the status of each of our projects and discuss any issues or customer requests that have come to us.

We also use this time to plan our meetings or planning sessions. After this is our morning stand-up meeting with the Scrum team. Here, we’ll get updates from every team member and fix any issues or blockers they might have.

The rest of my day will be documenting requirements, planning, resolving queries from various teams, and attending meetings both internally and with the client.

How do your responsibilities compare to those of more experienced employees?

When I started at eShopWorld, my responsibilities were internal to the product team. During this time, I had the opportunity to learn from more experienced team members and demonstrate my abilities.

This allowed me to evolve quickly and progress to a position of Product Owner when the opportunity arose.

Do you feel better prepared for professional life after completing this program?

Absoutely! The rapid nature and continued growth of eShopWorld has provided me with a range of skills that I likely would not have learned had I undertaken a graduate program in a more mature organization.

The training and experience I have received over the past year has given me a set of skills that can be transferred to many roles in the ecommerce industry.

Why should someone apply to the eShopWorld graduate program?

The rate of growth within eShopWorld creates new opportunities for all types of graduates and the experience gained through the graduate program is unmatched. It’s a fantastic atmosphere in which to work with plenty of opportunities for growth and career advancement.


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