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In any organization, be it academic, nonprofit, industry or government, embracing the role of mentor in a work environment means providing tremendous support and dedication to workforce development. Becoming the person a team member can approach to ask questions, seek advice, and guide through a career path offers many rewards for everyone involved.

Often times, mentoring requires going beyond the needs of a project or program and connecting with an individual or team on another level. While the definition of the role varies from organization to organization, the mission and goals are undoubtedly similar: to establish best practices and an effective support system to develop and maintain a successful workforce.

For William “Bill” Connell, fulfilling the role of a mentor is not just part of the job, but, according to him, an honor and a privilege to serve those with whom he works. Connell is a Certified Scrum Master – instructing and supporting multiple software development teams in agile Scrum procedures – for various projects for the Sensor Software Engineering branch of the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren (NSWCDD) division. In this role, Connell serves as a mentor and liaison with the workforce.

The term scrum refers to the framework specifically built around the agile philosophy and is designed to give a software development team a set of tools to support the maintenance of the agile process. Think of the Agile Scrum model as a framework – detailing intentions and process – that the software development team can customize to support their project and environment. As Connell said, “Agile is the general philosophy, Scrum is a set of principles and tools that support this philosophy. ”

The collaborative efforts between Connell and the software development teams ensure that programs progress efficiently at every step. “Individual teams follow the agile scrum model for their software development; how they break down their work, perform and report that work. I oversee each of these individual project areas, walk them through the process, and make sure they have the resources they need to accomplish their mission. Connell said.

As a Naval Technical Project Manager, he works with multiple teams to develop software systems for projects such as the Ground / Air Task-Oriented Radar (G / ATOR) program. Currently, the G / ATOR Software Support Activity (SSA) team is expanding its role as the lead software development entity for the G / ATOR program.

Through his work as a Technical Project Manager and as a Scrum Master, Connell provides a wealth of expert knowledge, engages and interacts with software development teams at multiple levels and encourages solution-based thinking. innovative.

After establishing best practices for remote working, Connell used virtual platforms for communication and worked with various teams in the War Center, continuing the progression and development of software systems.

Connell has been recognized for his mentoring efforts and leadership in teamwork and is the recipient of the 2021 Alan J. Dean Award for Talent Management for the NSWCDD. This award is part of the Warfare Centers Awards, recognizing individuals and leadership teams for their excellence in providing innovative and extraordinary contributions to the advanced development of programs in war centers.

According to his citation, Connell receives the esteemed award for his “contributions obtained through mentorship and teamwork that have improved the standards of software development processes throughout the task-based ground / air radar program afterwards. its successful transition to Agile Scrum. “

In addition, Connell receives the title of “Scrum Master of all Scrum Masters” and attributes this recognition to his team and colleagues. “I’m super excited, very grateful and grateful, but I want to recognize the work the individual software teams do, which continues to be amazing. The focus should really be on the guys and girls who turn the keys and make it happen, ”said Connell.


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