TestFit completes integration with Enscape

courtesy TestFit
Enscape real-time visualization software

The following is a press release from Dallas-based generative design software developer, TestFit, announcing its integration with Enscape real-time visualization software.

TestFit, the software for determining the feasibility of a given building design, today announced the completion of its integration with Enscape, a powerful real-time visualization software.

The upcoming integration will bring the exceptional visualization that users expect from Enscape to convenience buildings such as apartments, offices, hotels, industrial buildings and parking lots, during the feasibility phase. This includes better visualization of the buildings surrounding the chosen site, adjusting the weather conditions, automatically assigning assets such as cars and trees, etc.

Enscape real-time visualization software
courtesy TestFit
Enscape real-time visualization software

Clifton harness, TestFit CEO shares: “The ability to take advantage of Enscape’s technology will provide significant value to TestFit users when planning the site. Often the first step for users after TestFit is to integrate a building into Enscape. This dramatically shortens that route, and even the route of subsequent iterations, by providing users with instant building design and quantities, with stakeholder renderings – all in one app.

“We are pleased to have TestFit as our premier SDK partner, offering our real-time rendering engine in more tools dedicated to improving the built environment design process,” said Christian Lang, CEO of Enscape. “This integration will make the initial phase of real estate planning much more visual and efficient for TestFit users and all project stakeholders. “

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