Weekend headline: Czech architect behind Prague’s Dancing House dies

Sports Celebrations mark 100th anniversary of Zátopek’s birth

Celebrations in the Czech town of Kopřivnice marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of Czech Olympic runner Emil Zátopek culminated this weekend with a long-distance race for all ages. Zátopek, who won three gold medals at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, was born in Kopřivnice on September 19, 1922.

Yesterday’s festivities began with a garden party near the house where Zátopek was born 100 years ago. The 22 kilometer race ended in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, where Zátopek and his wife Dana Zátopková, who won a gold medal in the javelin throw at the 1952 Olympics, are buried. Kopřivnice celebrated 100 years since Zátopek’s birth throughout the year; a statue of Zátopek was unveiled in his hometown on Friday.

Economy Czech Pirate Party proposes to lower VAT on fruits and vegetables

The Pirate Party of the Czech Republic has presented a proposal to reduce taxes on fruit and vegetables, Pirate MP Jakub Michálek told local media. The new proposal would reduce VAT on fruit and vegetables from the current 15% to 10%; to compensate, the VAT on sugary drinks would increase from 15 to 21%.

The new proposal is based on rising energy costs which have impacted the agricultural industry and led to extreme increases in food prices. “This situation concerns everyone who prefers a healthy diet and is faced with the current extreme rise in food prices,” says Michálek, adding that the measure would particularly help local fruit and vegetable producers.

Policy Chinese embassy criticizes Czech officials’ trip to Taiwan

A trip to Taiwan by a Czech delegation led by Senator Jiří Drahoš “undermines the political foundations of cooperation between the Czech Republic and China, and signifies clear support for separatist forces and Taiwan independence-related activities” , wrote the Chinese Embassy in Prague on its website.

The Czech delegation is currently visiting Taiwan until September 24. The Chinese Embassy in Prague has previously condemned official visits by Czech politicians to Taiwan, including a trip by Senate Speaker Miloš Vystrčil in 2020, as well as the recent visit by Taiwanese parliament speaker You Xikun to Prague earlier. This year.

Demonstration Hundreds of people join the Communist Party demonstration in Prague’s Wenceslas Square

An estimated 800-1,000 people took part in a demonstration in Prague’s Wenceslas Square yesterday organized by the Communist Party of the Czech Republic, protesting against the current Czech government’s approach to the conflict in Ukraine and energy policy.

“According to our estimates, around 800 to 1,000 people joined the protest, despite the bad weather,” Communist Party official Roman Roun told local media. Police monitored the protest and no incidents were reported. Two weeks ago, a similar demonstration by far-right parties against the current Czech government drew 70,000 people to Wenceslas Square.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Culture St. Ludmila’s Church in Prague transformed into a basilica

Last night the Archbishop of Prague Jan Graubner presented the new Basilica of Saint Ludmila in a ceremony. During his sermon, he noted that Saint Ludmila was the patroness of education and childhood, and that freedom is only possible with the combination of knowledge and education.

zoo Female gorilla Duni arrives at Prague Zoo from Spain

Less than a week after receiving the male Kisumu gorilla from Austria, Prague Zoo has brought back the female Duni gorilla from Spain. Born in 2013, Duni is the daughter of Moja, the very first gorilla born at Prague Zoo. The new additions hope to continue Prague Zoo’s successful breeding program.

Duni arrived in Prague on Friday afternoon, transported by planes operated by the Czech army. “Right now Duni is already in the new gorilla pavilion at Prague Zoo,” zoo director Miroslav Bobek wrote on social media after his arrival. “She is completely calm and exploring her new surroundings with interest.”

Time The Czech Republic will see rain and cloudy skies in the coming days

According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, rain and cloudy skies are forecast for the Czech Republic over the next week. Still, hopes of an Indian summer with above-average temperatures have not been disappointed.

Over the weekend, precipitation and cooler temperatures will be greatest in the regions of Moravia and Silesia, which are expected to experience highs of 10 to 14 degrees Celsius. By the end of next week, however, temperatures across the country could hit 20 degrees Celsius.

Policy Babiš calls Czech PM Fiala a ‘coward’ for avoiding TV debate

Former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš called current Prime Minister Petr Fiala a “coward” for avoiding a televised debate with him and other opposition party members. Fiala was originally scheduled to take part in a televised debate with Babiš, SPD leader Tomio Okamura and Pirate Party leader Ivan Bartoš on Sunday, but pulled out due to Monday’s funeral for Queen Elizabeth II.

“It’s a pity, I wanted to ask the prime minister about his drastic change of opinion regarding the energy price cap,” Babiš wrote on social media. In response, Fiala wrote that he refused to be part of Babiš’s “hybrid presidential campaign”.

Crime A Russian mole in the Czech Foreign Ministry escapes without punishment

An alleged mole who provided classified information to Russia for years from the Czech Foreign Ministry will most likely not be punished by Czech authorities, writes Deník N. The Czech Republic’s Security Information Service reportedly tracked the mole for years and presented the case to Prime Minister Petr Fiala earlier this year.

Although spying carries a potential sentence of 8 to 15 years in prison, the alleged mole will most likely avoid punishment as the evidence against him was collected by the Security Information Service. “It cannot be done because it is intelligence information that cannot be used in court,” a senior judicial source told Deník N. “The current law does not allow it.”

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